2020 Is It's Own Word

We discuss our personal struggles during COVID as well as the other side of the COVID coin! Lauren shares her mom's experience.

Released Feb 12, 2021  / Topics: COVID, 2020, Coronavirus, Work from home, Parenting during pandemic, Teaching during pandemic, trauma, mental health podcast, mental heath  /  Length: 55:43

COVID has taken far too many lives and changed almost everyone's life. Lauren shares her mom's close encounter with coronavirus. Bethany and Lauren discuss how COVID has negatively impacted their lives as well as the things they are grateful for, like more time with family and this mental health podcast!


Michelle Clark aka Bipolar Bandit

Your podcast includes a gr8 way of getting your word and message out there. Thanks for info about anchor as i am consider using it

This could get dark...appropriate name

Mental health is making the way to the news now bc of Covid and hopefully it will raise more awareness and when ppl get help mental illness will be more accepted and stigma will get better.

Ofcourse, it is not a good reason but something good that can come out of it.

Sry your child is not being exposed to loved ones, but I believe you are doing right thing. Thinhs seem to be getting better so hopefully you will get to see them soon.

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