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Episode 7: At Your Darkest Moments, People Leave

Kati Morton - How to Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect

An easy way to determine if you struggle with abandonment and a to-do list for facing those struggles.

Episode 6: Pea-uh-jey Theory

Your extreme independence is a trauma response

"I used to pride myself on my independence. Why would I want to rely on anybody else? People always end up hurting you, abandoning you or betraying you. That’s just how life works — or so I thought. Now, I can see things more clearly. This way of thinking is not only untrue, it’s actually quite sad. And it’s always, always rooted in some deep-seated trauma that we haven’t addressed."

Codependency vs. Interdependency

Learn more about codependency and interdependency: "Society is highly specialized and interdependent, so that few of us would know how to survive without running water, electricity, and a supermarket. We’re also dependent upon our personal relationships. Human brains aren’t fully developed for 18 years, and psychological and financial independence from our parents takes even longer. Moreover, as adults we depend upon others to fill sexual, social, and emotional needs, such as friendship, communication, nurturing, appreciation, learning, love, and touch. The closer a relationship, the more we’re interconnected."

Jean Piaget

More information on Jean Piaget and his work!

Piaget Tiktok

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Episode 5: This Could Get Gross

Post Intensive Care Syndrome - Pics

The Cleveland Clinic provides further information on PICS for anyone who survives a critical illness that warranted admission to an intensive care unit (ICU) and their families.

Society of Critical Care Medicine

If you are an ICU patient or family member, this guide helps you understand the health problems known as post-intensive care syndrome, or PICS, so you know what to look for when you return home. It also includes tips on how to minimize PICS. Many people develop PICS, and help is available. You will have the best chance of recovery if you explain your health problems to your primary care doctor, who can refer you to the specialists you need.

Episode 4: I Have A Toxic Relationship With My Ghost

Sylvia Browne

Ghost Towns

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Episode 3: 2020 Is It's Own Word

Marco Polo



Yale Health Managing Stress

An Introduction to Shadow Work and Genogram

Key Words!

Stuck points - Stuck points are thoughts that keep us from recovering. Stuck points are concise statements that reflect a thought – not a feeling, behavior, or event.

Episode 2: My Childhood S***

'The Shadow Effect' by Deepak Chopra, Marianna Williamson, Debbe Ford

'The Power is Within' You by Louise L. Hay

Episode 1: Come Be Alone With Our Thoughts

'Shit I had to learn the hard way' Ebook

'Brainspotting Biolateral Sound Healing' by David Grand, PhD

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