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Episode 14: 7/24/2017

Released Jul 16, 2021  / Topics: Miscarriage, Child loss, Grief, Sticky Blood Syndrome, antiphospholipid syndrome, hughes syndrome  /  Length: 64:34

On the season 1 finale Lauren and Bethany are joined by a very special guest, Brice, to share the story of his son Greyson.

Episode 13: The Bottom Of The Lake

Released Jul 02, 2021  / Topics: Postpartum depression, baby blues, PPD, postpartum, motherhood, pregnancy, childbirth, c section, prenatal depression  /  Length: 78:50

Bethany explains, in more detail than ever before, the trauma of her daughter's birth and her struggle with postpartum depression.

Episode 12: Doesn't Everyone Panic In The Dark?

Released Jun 18, 2021  / Topics: PTSD, CPTSD, Trauma, Therapy, Healing  /  Length: 60:43

In this episode, we hear Bethany's PTSD diagnosis and the specific therapy that has helped her. *TRIGGER WARNING:Sensitive Content

Episode 11: Peaks and Valleys, Man!

Released Jun 04, 2021  / Topics: Bipolar disorder, depression, medication, mental health medication, mental health, mental health podcast  /  Length: 48:57

This week we dive into Lauren and Bethany's shared diagnosis of bipolar disorder! Lauren blows Bethany's mind with some WebMD!

The End of The Beginning

Released May 28, 2021  / Topics: Genogram, Shadow work, Inner Child, Healing, Mental health, Mental health podcast, worth exercise  /  Length: 31:11

The final episode of the Genogram & Shadow Work MiniSode Series! Bethany explains a worth exercise and tells us how hers went.

Episode 10: It's The Step Before The Libido

Released May 21, 2021  / Topics: Functional medicine, vitamins, working out, yoga, meditation, broken brain series, Mark Hyman, socializing, alternative medicine, psychiatric medications, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 01:03:24

Lauren and Bethany are joined by a special guest to talk though functional medicine as an alternative to psychiatric medications.

You Can’t Only Be The Victim

Released May 14, 2021  / Topics: Abandonment, Estrangement, Therapy, Healing, Mental Health, Mental Health Podcast  /  Length: 23:08

In today's episode, Lauren makes an announcement about where she's going on her mental health journey and explains her decision.

Episode 9: Honda Pilots Everywhere

Released May 07, 2021  / Topics: Motherhood, Mental Health, William's Syndrome, Honda Pilots, mental health podcast  /  Length: 23:31

Last week Jen shared her daughter Stella's story with William's Syndrome, today we ask her about her mental health journey.

Stella's Story

Released May 01, 2021  / Topics: William's Syndrome, Rare Genetic Conditions, William's Syndrome Awareness, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 50:11

A very special guest joins Bethany and Lauren to share her daughter's story and her family's journey with William's Syndrome.

Pyramid Scheme of Emotions

Released Apr 30, 2021  / Topics: Genogram, shadowwork, abandonment, extreme independence, Teddybear complex, genealogy, drinking, triggers, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 25:07

Bethany's final genogram results reveal key themes that blow Lauren's mind. Bethany walks Lauren through a quick shadow work.

Episode 8: A Hard Pill To Swallow

Released Apr 23, 2021  / Topics: Meds, Pills, Drugs, Mental Health Medication, RX, pros and cons, Lithium, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 56:40

Welcome back to our mental health podcast! Today we do double Story Time where we both share our journies with medication.

I Was a Baby Therapist

Released Apr 16, 2021  / Topics: Emotionally immature parents, mental health, mental health podcast  /  Length: 23:15

Calling all adult children of emotionally immature parents! Not sure if your parent is one? Have we got a resource for you!

Episode 7: At Your Darkest Moments, People Leave

Released Apr 09, 2021  / Topics: Abandonment, Emotional Neglect, relationships, mental health, mental health podcast  /  Length: 46:46

This Could Get Dark takes at the darkest moments when Bethany and Lauren explore their takes on the deep cut of abandonment.

Can of worms

Released Apr 02, 2021  / Topics: Abandonment, shadow work, Alcohol, DUI, Genogram, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 33:15

Bethany reveals new discoveries from her genogram progress and Lauren dives deeper into her emotional response to being woken up.

Episode 6: Pea-uh-jey Theory

Released Mar 26, 2021  / Topics: Codependency, extreme independence, Jean Piaget, Piaget Theory, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 55:55

Join Bethany and Lauren as they dive into dependency issues.

Human Maintenance

Released Mar 19, 2021  / Topics: Genogram, Shadow work, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 27:35

Bethany is finally able to give Lauren a long awaited update on her genogram before leading Lauren through another shadow work

Episode 5: This Could Get Gross

Released Mar 12, 2021  / Topics: Medical Trauma, ICU, PICS, Post Intensive Care Syndrome, C-Section, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 38:47

Bethany and Lauren introduce their first guest speaker as they discuss a little known diagnosis involving medical trauma.

Buy Yourself A Polly Pocket

Released Mar 05, 2021  / Topics: Genogram, Shadow work, polly pocket, illness, medical issues, attention, attention seeking, sobriety, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 24:00

Bethany lets us know there is a pause in her genogram journey. Lauren dives into a newly discovered struggle in her journey.

Episode 4: I Have A Toxic Relationship With My Ghost

Released Feb 26, 2021  / Topics: Ghosts, ghosting, demons, toxic relationship, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 46:14

Bethany and Lauren are joined by special guest Mister the Cat to discuss the light hearted topic of ghosts.

Genograham Cracker

Released Feb 19, 2021  / Topics: Genogram, therapy, genealogy, sobriety, relapse, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 12:02

Get your tissues ready because this one made us both cry! Bethany gives a very emotional update on her Genogram journey.

Episode 3: 2020 Is It's Own Word

Released Feb 12, 2021  / Topics: COVID, 2020, Coronavirus, Work from home, Parenting during pandemic, Teaching during pandemic, trauma, mental health podcast, mental heath  /  Length: 55:43

We discuss our personal struggles during COVID as well as the other side of the COVID coin! Lauren shares her mom's experience.

An Introduction to Shadow Work and Genogram

Released Feb 05, 2021  / Topics: Shadow Work, Genogram, Healing, Inner Child healing, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 13:46

This could get person! Get ready to illuminate the darkness of our minds as we work to meet and get to know our inner children.

Episode 2: My Childhood S***

Released Jan 29, 2021  / Topics: Relationships, Inner Child healing, Inner Child, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 34:53

Lauren and Bethany start to talk about relationships but veer off into the relationship between themselves & their inner children.

Nice To Meet You

Released Jan 22, 2021  / Topics: Thank you, Mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 07:55

A huge thank you. We are simply blown away by the response to our mental health podcast after just 48 hours! We are so excited!

Episode 1: Come Be Alone With Our Thoughts

Released Jan 15, 2021  / Topics: Anxiety, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 43:54

Meet Lauren and Bethany as they embark on an epic adventure, discussing their journeys through their own mental health!!!