of This Could Get Dark, a podcast about mental health

Genograham Cracker

Released Feb 19, 2021  / Topics: Genogram  /  Length: 12:02

Bethany gives an emotional update on her Genogram.

Episode 3: 2020 Is It's Own Word

Released Feb 12, 2021  / Topics: COVID  /  Length: 55:43

We take a dive into our struggles during covid as well as the other side of the covid coin.

An Introduction to Shadow Work and Genogram

Released Feb 05, 2021  / Topics: Shadow Work, Genogram  /  Length: 13:46

This could get personal!

Episode 2: My Childhood S***

Released Jan 29, 2021  / Topics: Relationships  /  Length: 34:53

Lauren and Bethany set out to deep dive into relationships and quickly veer off into the relationship between their adult selves and their inner children.

Nice To Meet You

Released Jan 22, 2021  /  Length: 07:55

A huge thank you. We are simply blown away by the response after just 48 hours.

Episode 1: Come Be Alone With Our Thoughts

Released Jan 15, 2021  / Topics: Anxiety  /  Length: 43:54

Meet Lauren and Bethany as they embark on an epic adventure, discussing their journeys through their own mental health.