An Introduction to Shadow Work and Genogram

This could get person! Get ready to illuminate the darkness of our minds as we work to meet and get to know our inner children.

Released Feb 05, 2021  / Topics: Shadow Work, Genogram, Healing, Inner Child healing, mental health podcast, mental health  /  Length: 13:46

Welcome to the Minisodes! Bethany and Lauren work to get to know their inner chidren through Shadow work and genograms. Shadow work involves utilizing your triggers to go back to your childhood and work to remove the shadow stigma or the things you hide about yourself. Genograms are a graphic representation of a family tree that displays data on relationships among individuals and analyzes hereditary patterns and psychological factors that punctuate relationships.


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Key Words!

Stuck points - Stuck points are thoughts that keep us from recovering. Stuck points are concise statements that reflect a thought – not a feeling, behavior, or event.